The Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme was established in 2016 to reduce the health inequalities experienced by people with a learning disability. 

People with a learning disability face specific health inequalities compared to the general population. Currently, women with learning disabilities die on average 27 years earlier and men die 23 years earlier than those without a learning disability. People with a learning disability are more likely to experience a number of both physical and mental health conditions. *

The LeDeR programme requires a review to be undertaken into every death of a person with a learning disability over the age of four. 

NEL LeDeR Report 2020/21

This is the second annual report by North East London LeDeR Programme Team.  This report has highlighted key findings from last year’s completed reviews and how this compared to previous years. The report has noted improvements in the quality of care provided to people with learning disabilities but also made a number of recommendations on areas needing improvement. The annual report is also available in easy read format.

Read more about what LeDeR is in this easy read guide.

*Information from http://leder.nhs.uk

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