Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs) and Care, Education and Treatment Reviews (CETRs) are meetings about children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism or both, who are at risk of being admitted to, or are currently in, hospital because of a mental health problem or challenging behaviour. The meetings are led by a commissioner and carried out by an independent panel of people.

Care (education) and treatment reviews are used to look at how a person’s care and treatment is going and how they may need to be improved. They are also used to make a plan of what care and treatment is needed and decide who will be involved in implementing actions from the plan.

For more information you can read the My Care and Treatment Review guide by NHS England. NHS England has also created a My Care and Treatment Review Planner which is a booklet that helps people before, during and after a review. The planner also contains a consent form which needs to be completed before a review can take place.

We also have the following useful resources for those working in North East London boroughs which also contain details of your local borough contacts:

Due to the new rules about coronavirus C(E)TRs may be carried out virtually, using a computer or on the phone, when this is in the best interest of the patient. We have produced the following documents to help you understand what the virtual C(E)TRs will look like:

You will also receive a completed Virtual CTR who’s who document which will help you to understand who will be attending your virtual review.