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About the flu and Covid-19 vaccines for those who are pregnant

It is safe to have the flu and Covid-19 vaccines during any stage of pregnancy, from the first few weeks up to your expected due date.

Women who have the vaccines while pregnant also pass some protection on to their babies, which lasts for the first few months of their lives. It’s safe for women who are breastfeeding to have both vaccines if they are eligible. It’s also safe to have both the flu vaccine and the Covid-19 vaccine at the same time.

According to the NHS website, there is good evidence that pregnant women have a higher chance of developing complications if they get flu, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. One of the most common complications of flu is bronchitis – a chest infection that can become serious and develop into pneumonia. If flu is contracted while pregnant, it could cause the baby to be born prematurely or have a low birthweight. This could increase the need for admission to intensive care for mum and baby and may even lead to stillbirth or death.

Most people who get Covid-19 while pregnant experience no, or mild to moderate symptoms, but a small number become seriously unwell. Covid-19 infection in pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of preterm labour and stillbirth. Almost all pregnant individuals with serious illness requiring hospitalisation and admission to intensive care for Covid-19 have been unvaccinated.