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Using online forms to access your GP

Most GP practices now offer online forms, video and telephone consultations. This can save you time waiting for a face-to-face appointment and may mean you don’t need to go to the surgery.

Visiting your GP practice website and using an online form is convenient and secure and helps you get the care you need without having to call. Once you’ve answered the questions in the online form, you will usually get a text or email confirmation and the expected response time. Meanwhile your medical team will then help you get the right care, whether it be a face-to-face appointment, a phone or a video call or by sending a text or online message.

If you need to be seen face-to-face your GP team will arrange an appointment for you.

You can find out more about using online forms to contact your GP practice at

You can also download and use the NHS App to contact your GP practice, book appointments and view your patient record

Using online forms on GP websites

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Convenience of online forms, video and telephone consultations

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