General Practice (GP)

General practitioners (GPs) are doctors who treat all common medical conditions.

Where necessary they can refer you to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. They focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of your care.

Your GP should usually be your first point of call for all medical questions and you will need to make an appointment.

Anyone in England is entitled to register with a GP practice and to see a GP when they need to. You do not have to have a fixed address and you do not have to show ID, or proof of address or immigration status. In north east London you can simply register online.

You can book appointments with your GP practice online via their website or using the NHS app. If you can’t get online you can call your practice. You will be asked what’s wrong and offered the quickest appointment with an appropriate medical professional. This may be over the phone, or not with a doctor (GP) but a nurse, physician associate, physiotherapist or another trained medical professional.

In some cases if you contact your GP practice with a minor illness that can be assessed and treated more quickly by a local pharmacist; with your consent, they will send an electronic referral to the community pharmacy of your choice for a same day consultation.

GP appointments are available in evenings and on weekends and bank holidays and you can read more about how to book them on our urgent care page.

The following NHS links will help show you more on how to find a local GP, how to register and give you information on how to be seen.

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