Coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you have any of the main symptoms of Covid-19, follow NHS advice

If you have a health condition that may put you at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill if infected by Covid-19, you may be eligible for Covid-19 treatments

Treatments for Covid-19
The NHS offers treatment to people with Covid-19 who are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill.

If you are high risk please order a free pack of rapid lateral flow tests to be sent to your home online or by calling 119. If you then have Covid-19 symptoms you should take a lateral flow test immediately, even if your symptoms are mild.

If your test is negative but you continue to have symptoms, you should take another test on each of the next
two days (three tests in total over three days).

If you are positive call 020 3196 3239 or email as soon as possible to see if you are eligible for treatment. 

Seasonal Covid-19 and flu vaccines now available

Adults at greater risk of serious illness including everyone aged 65 and over can get a seasonal Covid-19 vaccine and flu vaccine. Children aged 2-16 can get a free flu vaccine. The best way to protect ourselves from these viruses is to get vaccinated, visit here to find out more.