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Quality of Life Survey

We continue to promote the NHS national Quality of Life Survey, which patients receive around 18-months after their diagnosis. We are doing all we can to encourage people to complete the survey which will help us improve services

Visit the NEL Cancer Alliance website for more information on the Quality of Life survey.

It’s Not a Game Campaign

Engaging on cancer signs and symptoms with older males in deprived areas through sport. One resident in Havering spotted our Facebook ad and ordered a kit for her husband. He did the test and it resulted in a tumour being found. Thanks to him completing the test, it was found early (he had no symptoms) and he was able to have treatment to remove it successfully. Watch our story on how a PSA test for prostate cancer saves Shaun’s life.

Best For My Chest

This is designed to help the LGBTIQ+ community come forward for life-saving breast screening appointments. It is the result of 12 months of engagement with the LGBTIQ+ community to identify the issues faced by those accessing breast cancer screening. Local people volunteered to become champions for the campaign, and they have played a central role in designing key messages, posters and graphics. Read a testimonial from a volunteer 

Muslim sisterhood

Our cervical screening video to help encourage young Muslim women to attend cervical screening has now received more than 100,000 views.

Work with the British Islamic Medical Association

We are working with the British Islamic Medical Association to help improve uptake of bowel screening through working with local mosques.

Animated screening videos

Helping to overcome myths and barriers to cancer screening programmes through animated videos, available in 15 languages:

Breast screening project for people with a severe mental illness

We are working with GPs to increase the uptake of breast screening for people with a severe mental illness.

You Need to Know

Awareness campaign to highlight the main symptom of womb cancer – bleeding after the menopause – for residents particularly from Black and Asian communities. Local residents helped design – and are featured in – the campaign videoFind out more on our campaign on the NEL Cancer Alliance website.

Cancer awareness in schools

North East London Cancer Alliance has funded a project being run by CATTs (Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties) that is delivering a series of engaging cancer awareness workshops to Year 10 and Year 11 pupils in secondary schools in the boroughs of Redbridge and Havering. The cancer awareness workshops cover: what is cancer, the signs and symptoms of cancer, how to check your body including breasts and testicles and how to reduce your chances of developing cancers including sun safety and promote positive health seeking behaviours. All this is in line with the school personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) curriculum.