No, this will not affect the care you already receive from us. Instead, it’s designed to improve your care and experience, help you to be more involved in decisions, get better explanations from us, and give you the tools to manage your care safely at home.

No, you will still get communications from us in the normal way. This is just another way to check your hospital appointments and view to your health record.

Patients Know Best is hosted within the NHS network, so it’s just as secure as the information we hold about you. We chose this system because it meets the stringent NHS requirements for health record systems and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Legislation 2018. All personal and health information is encrypted (or coded), with PKB only having access to your NHS number. This means only you and the people you choose can access your health information.

Parents or carers must have their own Patients Know Best account before they can be given permission to access their child’s (under 16 years of age) record. Once registered, please contact us so that you can be verified and added to the child’s record.

If you have not yet registered, follow the links above to do so using your NHS login.

Yes, you can ask someone else to register on your behalf, with your consent. However, they should not use their own email account to do this. If you want the family member or carer to have access to your record they can be added in the “sharing” section. This will allow them to set up their own account and allow you to control the level of access they have to your record.

If you do not have an existing NHS login, don’t worry. You will be prompted to create one after entering your email from the NHS login page.

If you do not have the NHS App, you can download it here.

Here’s an example of what you’l see after you’ve registered: