Our vision and priorities

Our agreed ambition, which is also that of North East London Health and Care Partnership which we are part of, is that “We will work with and for all the people of north east London to create meaningful improvements in health, wellbeing and equity”.

To help guide our work, together the partners have agreed four priorities, or joint action areas, where we want to create measurable change, which will create key outcomes for the NHS North East London and place strategies. These are:

  1. Employment and workforce – to work together to create meaningful work opportunities and employment for people in north east London now and in the future.
  2. Long term conditions – to support everyone living with a long-term condition in north east London to live a longer, healthier life and to work to prevent conditions occurring for other members of our community.
  3. Children and young people – to make north east London the best place to grow up, through early support when it is needed and the delivery of accessible and responsive services.
  4. Mental health – to transform accessibility to, experience of and outcomes from mental health services and well-being support for the people of north east London.

Partners have also agreed the following design or operating principles for our system:

Improving quality and outcomes: Individually and together, we will continuously improve access, experience and outcomes for and with our residents, with a specific focus on delivering integrated care in the neighbourhoods where our residents live and work. We will seek to learn together and from international best practice to continuously improve quality, to reinvent our ways of working and better secure our outcomes.

Securing greater equity: We will resolutely tackle inequality in outcomes and experience for our residents and staff, harnessing the diversity of our north east London experience to create better and more responsive solutions and utilising our combined resources to tackle the causes of inequality. We embrace the right of our residents to meaningfully participate, as an equal part of our team, benefiting from the strengths that they bring as individuals and communities.

Creating value: We will transparently work with our residents and staff to secure the maximum, sustainable benefit from our physical, digital and financial resources, repurposing what we have, reducing waste and taking care of our environment. Critically we will support and enable our most important resource, our staff, to reach their potential, enjoy work and be able to effectively contribute to our vision.

Deepening collaboration: We will work in meaningful partnership towards shared goals, holding each other to account for the commitments we have made to each other and to our residents. We will set resident interest and the common good as our defining success measure and we will support our staff to lead and deliver across organisational boundaries. Our key collaboration will be with our residents, who will drive and co-deliver and evaluate the outcomes of our partnership.