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People urged by NHS leader and MP to act now on winter vaccinations

An NHS leader and a Newham MP are urging people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and flu to protect themselves, their friends and family against serious illness this winter.

West Ham MP Lyn Brown and NHS North East London’s Chair, Marie Gabriel, visited the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre in Stratford to see vaccinations being delivered. They both thanked staff for their hard work protecting the community.

Marie Gabriel received the Covid-19 booster and flu jabs during the visit. She said: “I am grateful to have had my free Covid-19 and flu booster vaccines and I strongly urge everyone who is eligible to take up theirs too.

“I would particularly encourage people from our diverse communities in north east London to do so too, as we did not come forward in the numbers needed last time.

“Please everyone: book yours. Let’s all embrace the opportunity and book our appointments as soon as possible so that we all have the best possible protection this winter.”

Free flu and Covid-19 booster jabs are being offered to everyone aged 50 and over to provide vital protection against illness, with flu jabs also being offered to children.

Both viruses can be life-threatening and spread more easily in colder weather when we spend more time with friends and family indoors where it’s less well ventilated.

Lyn Brown has also received her vaccinations. She said: “I would like to thank our wonderful local NHS staff for giving me my flu and Covid-19 booster vaccinations.

“Even if you don’t normally get the flu jab, please have one this year. Many of us will have lower immunity against flu because we all mixed less during lockdown.

“Let’s do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It is really very simple – you can get a flu jab and a Covid-19 booster at the same time.” 

There could be a significant flu surge this winter happening at the same time as Covid-19 cases are rising. Colder weather makes it easier for the virus to spread, and darker nights mean spending more time with friends and family indoors where it is less well ventilated.

The flu and Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to protect yourself and those around you this winter. Please don’t delay: book your vaccinations as soon as you can at or speak to your GP.

The page also includes further information on the vaccinations, including who is eligible.