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Joint statement on Aldersbrook Medical Centre

We previously wrote to patients registered with Aldersbrook Medical Centre to inform them that the contract to provide GP services at the practice was up for renewal from 30 June 2024.

Understandably, this caused some concern with patients who were worried about what this meant for the future of the practice and the quality of care they are currently receiving.

Over the last few months NHS North East London and Richmond Road Medical Centre, who hold the current contract, have been working closely together to discuss how we can secure long-term stability for the practice.

We have listened to patients and the Patient Participation Group (PPG) concerns, and we fully recognise the strength of feeling, the quality and range of services that are provided at Aldersbrook Medical Centre.

We are therefore delighted to inform you that we have reached a mutual agreement to extend Richmond Road Medical Centre’s contract for Aldersbrook Medical Centre until 31 March 2025.

This means that current services at the surgery will continue to be provided by Richmond Road Medical Centre, and it will allow time to secure a more permanent contract for the delivery of GP services at the practice from the next financial year.

It has always been our shared aim to ensure that we are working in the best interest of patients,  supported by the Patient Participation Group, so that you can continue to receive high quality care at the site.

While services will continue to be provided as normal, there will need to be a fair and legal process carried out to secure a long-term provider beyond 31 March 2025.

We have discussed this, and Richmond Road Medical Centre would be able to apply for the new contract along with other local practices once the applications process begins.

Rest assured we will work together with the Richmond Road Team and Patient Participation Group to make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible to minimise disruption for patients and to ensure that the future contract supports the needs of local people.

We are writing directly to all patients to inform them about this news, and to apprise them about the next steps in securing a permanent contract for the practice.

We would like to thank all patients who have contacted us in relation to this matter and for their patience while we have been working together to find a more sustainable, long-term solution.


Sarah See, Managing Director of Primary Care at NHS North East London

Dr Gopal Mehta, Richmond Road Medical Centre