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Improving the health of the population in City of London and Hackney

City and Hackney Population Health Hub has released a document explaining how it functions, as well as its contribution to improving health of the population. This can be shared with friends, family members or colleagues living or working in the City of London or Borough of Hackney.

Population health is described by the King’s Fund as… “…an approach that aims to improve physical and mental health outcomes, promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities across an entire population. Improving population health and reducing health inequalities requires action across all ‘four pillars’ of a population health system.

Taking a population health approach means:

  • rebalancing investment across the four ‘pillars’
  • focusing attention in the areas of overlap and intersection (the ‘rose petals’) – where there are the greatest opportunities for impact
  • system partners taking shared responsibility for improving population health. Effective, system-wide action requires a common understanding of population health drivers, outcomes and effective interventions.