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Who is responsible for Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Each local area has a Safeguarding Adults Board and a Safeguarding Children’s Board or Partnership of which the we, NHS North East London, are a member as the local Integrated Care Board (ICB).

These are made up of representatives from organisations working in health, social care, education and policing.

Together we are responsible for ensuring safeguarding arrangements are in place to protect children and adults from harm, to stop abuse from continuing, and to improve access to any services they may need.

We are members of the Safeguarding Children Partnerships in each local authority area:

It is the responsibility of North East London Integrated Care Board (ICB) for safeguarding children, young people and adults in the health service.

Our aim is to ensure that all the services we commission provide safe care to our patients and are compliant with all statutory safeguarding regulations. We also have procedures in place to help us recognise, report and respond to safeguarding issues promptly.

We do this by:

  • Putting local people first and making safeguarding a priority in all the services we commission
  • Ensuring that all staff have access to training and are supported with the right policies and procedures to help them recognise and report concerns
  • Using robust and collaborative quality improvement approaches to strengthen safeguarding arrangements
  • Working closely with doctors, nurses and all clinical staff alongside our partners

We have an Accountable Officer who is responsible for ensuring we fulfil our duties and that we work effectively with local partners and safeguarding professionals across our Integrated Care System to help protect the most vulnerable children and adults.


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