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Questions from members of the public

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We want to be open and transparent about the way we do business and to make sure that local people and groups have the opportunity to ask questions about our work.

At each board and committee meeting held in public we provide 15 minutes on the agenda for questions from the public.  

Members of the public can ask up to two questions in relation to the published agenda and pack. A maximum of five questions will be answered at each meeting. All questions must be submitted in advance.

The question, the name of the questioner and the reply given will be included in the minutes of the meeting and published on the ICB website.

If a reply cannot conveniently be given orally or the time allocated for questions has elapsed, a written reply will be sent, providing contact information has been provided, within a month of the meeting.

How to submit a question

Questions must be received by 2pm on the Friday before the Wednesday board meeting or three clear working days in advance of any committee meeting held in public. This is to allow full responses to be given on the day of the meeting.

We ask that these are questions rather than statements to allow the maximum number of questions and to allow for responses.

Questions should be sent to or sent by post to the following address:

Head of Governance,

4th Floor Unex Tower,

5 Station Street,


E15 1DA

Why a question may be rejected

There are some circumstances in which a question that has been submitted to a board or committee may be rejected. A question may be rejected if it:

  • is not about a matter for which the ICB is responsible
  • is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
  • has been asked in another ICB board or committee meeting held in public
  • is substantially the same as a question asked within the last six months
  • requests the disclosure of information which is confidential or exempt
  • names, or clearly identifies, a member of staff or any other individual



ICB Board questions log - May 2024

A log of the questions being asked by members of the public at each Board meeting (28 Sept 2022 - 29 May 2024)


NEL Primary care contracts sub committee - questions from the public

A log of questions and answers asked by members of the public from the last two meetings 18 March / 21 May 2024.


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