Our board

NHS North East London is the Integrated Care Board (ICB) for north east London.  Our full board membership will be announced shortly.  You can read profiles of some of our board members below.

We meet in public every other month to plan, discuss and make decisions about local health services and how we can best improve them for the benefit of patients and the public.

We also have a slot for the public to ask us questions about local healthcare and our priorities.  We ask that anyone wishing to submit questions lets us know in advance so we can gather all the information we might need to help us answer fully.

Our members

Marie Gabriel, Chair

Zina Etheridge, Chief Executive Officer

Rajiv Jaitly, Non-executive Member for Audit

Diane Herbert, Non-executive Member for Remuneration

Imelda Redmond CBE, Non-executive Member for Quality and Performance

Diane Jones, Chief Nursing Officer

Paul Gilluley, Chief Medical Officer

Henry Black, Chief Finance and Performance Officer

Dr Jagan John, Partner member (Primary care)

Dr Mark Rickets, Partner member (Primary care)

Paul Calaminus, Partner member (NHS trusts and foundation trusts)

Shane De Garis, Partner member (NHS trusts and foundation trusts)

Councillor Maureen Worby, Partner member (Local Authority)

Mayor Philip Glanville, Partner member (Local Authority)

To be confirmed, Partner member (Voluntary, community and social enterprise sector)

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