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Understanding choice for maternity care

NHS North East London want to ensure all women and pregnant people have the best experience when using maternity services. As part of this, we are working with Healthwatch and Maternity Voices Partnerships to better understand the choices women and pregnant people are making when it comes to maternity care. Our engagement aims to understand whether people felt they could make choices about their maternity care and why they chose to have their care in their chosen hospital, birth centre or a home birth.

Through paper and digital surveys, and face to face interviews we’ll engage with women and pregnant people prior to birth, at all five of maternity units in north east London. The feedback and insight collected will be from a range of individuals, looking to all demographics and supporting overcoming language barriers where possible.

The survey can be shared widely and can be access online: Maternity Choice survey

For any questions or further information about the Maternity Choice work, please contact: