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Breast cancer awareness month 2022 

The North East London Cancer Alliance is working on a number of initiatives to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, as well as the importance of attending breast screening appointments, during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. 

This includes: 

  • promoting the North East London Cancer Alliance’s animated breast screening video 
  • directing people to view our breast cancer signs and symptoms web page 
  • launching a unique LGBTIQ+ inclusive Breast Cancer Screening campaign with charity Live Through This to addresses the barriers between the medical and LGBTIQ+ communities and to help increase the uptake of screening, saving lives 
  • running an advertising campaign to emphasise the importance of seeking help via your doctor if you have signs or symptoms of breast cancer 
  • delivering a social media campaign throughout October via the North East London Cancer Alliance Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts 

Please help us by sharing these resources with family, friends and colleagues. Visit our web page for more information.