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How to get a vaccination

All NHS childhood vaccinations are free.

Your GP practice will contact you when your child is due for their routine vaccinations. You may receive an invite by letter, via text or email.

If you are aware your child is due for their vaccine and you haven’t received an invite from your GP practice, you can contact your GP to make sure your child gets their vaccinations on time.

Making sure your child receives their vaccines on time will give your child the best protection from dangerous diseases. If you think your child has missed one of their vaccinations, they can still catch up. Just contact your GP who will be able to help you.

Are your children registered with a GP?

All children need to be registered with a GP so they can be invited for vaccinations. Anyone in England can register for free. Find your nearest GP practice and register your children online.

Where will my child receive their vaccinations?

Your child will usually be given their vaccines at their local GP practice. They may also be invited to attend a local child health clinic.

As your child reaches school age, they will be offered vaccinations during their school life, throughout primary and secondary school.

As a parent you need to provide your consent if you would like your child to receive their free vaccinations. Your school will contact you, and it is important to respond to the request for consent as soon as possible, to make sure your child receives their vaccinations on time and remain protected.

Vaccination events are held across north east London throughout the year to make it even easier for people to stay up to date with their vaccines.
Search for your nearest pop up clinic by visiting our vaccination calendar.


Childhood vaccinations schedule

Download our free vaccines schedule which tells you all the vaccinations your child needs and when.


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