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How to get a vaccination

How do I get routine vaccines?

Your GP surgery will usually contact you when you become eligible for the shingles or pneumococcal vaccine. This will usually be by letter, text message, phone or email.

Sometimes you might be offered the vaccine during a GP appointment you’re there for another reason and your vaccine is due.

Speak to your GP surgery if:

  • you think you’re eligible for either vaccine, but you’ve not been contacted
  • you did not have the vaccine when you were contacted and you’re still under 80 for shingles (only people with a severely weakened immune system can get the vaccine after 80 years of age). You can have pneumococcal at any age over 65.
  • you’ve had the shingles vaccine before but you now have a severely weakened immune system – depending on the type of shingles vaccine you had, you may need another shingles vaccine
  • you’re due to have either vaccine and you’re feeling unwell – you may need to wait until you’re feeling better before having the vaccine
  • you need to change your vaccination appointment

If you are a welder or metal worker, speak to your employer about getting the pneumococcal vaccine.

Are you registered with a GP?

You need to be registered with a GP practice to receive invitations for vaccinations. Anyone in England can register for free. Find your nearest GP practice and register online.

How do I get seasonal vaccines?

Flu and Covid-19 can be life-threatening and spread more easily in winter when we are crowded together inside.

If you catch flu and Covid-19 at the same time, research shows you’re more likely to be seriously ill. Getting vaccinated against flu and Covid-19 will provide protection for you and those around you.

It is important to top up your protection, even if you have had a vaccine or been ill with flu or Covid-19 before, as immunity fades over time and these viruses change each year.

Adults at greater risk of serious illness and children can get a free flu vaccine, seasonal Covid-19 vaccine or both. The best way to protect ourselves from these viruses is to get vaccinated.

  • You can book a free flu vaccine at a local pharmacy online or through the NHS App.
  • Many pharmacies offer a walk-in service with no need to book.
  • You can also get one from your GP
  • You can call 119 free of charge to book over the phone if you cannot book online.
Vaccination events are held across north east London throughout the year to make it even easier for people to stay up to date with their vaccines. Search for your nearest pop up clinic by visiting our vaccination calendar.

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