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Latest consultations

We routinely hold consultations and engagement exercises to involve local people in the decisions we make about health and care services in north east London. 

This is usually when there is a proposal to make significant changes to existing health services, to develop new services, or create new strategies or policies for health and care services in our boroughs.

Your feedback is vital. It helps us ensure the services we buy and plan for the future will meet the diverse needs of our local communities.

There are lots of different ways that you can have your say. You can attend a local event, or even give us feedback from the comfort of your own home. 

All of our consultations must meet our statutory and legal duties, and follow the ‘Gunning principles’. These are that:

  • the proposal is still at a early stage
  • there is sufficient information to give ‘intelligent consideration’
  • there is adequate time for consideration and response
  • ‘conscientious consideration’ must be given to the consultation responses before a decision is made

Current engagement opportunities

Maternity and neonatal review

End of life care in Whipps Cross

Past consultations and engagement


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